A couple weeks ago, I snapped this photo of my son.  In this very moment, all that mattered most was my son and motherhood.  Not over achieving in some grand gesture of life, pleasing another or prophetically pouring out.  Simply just being in the moment of what my son needed…treasured moments with me. 

There were days when social media and outside voices competed in my head for destiny and purpose.  What was my proper role?  When would I find that perfect balance?  Which is the best pathway to take in this season I’m in? 

One day it hit me.   I would have an answer for every question the moment I submitted myself to the process.  If I submitted myself to be a student of the word of God and His principles, I would know.  If I was off track, He would course correct my steps.  And I would listen!  I would make myself available for accountability.  I would power through and be fully committed to this journey…the growth…the process…the moments that matter the most.

It all sounds so simple, right?  But let’s be real for a moment.  Too many times we compare our life through others’ moments of media, while documenting our own. Then the comparison trap happens!  We get off track, losing our course by focusing on someone else’s moment.  We essentially stop seeing the value in our time, in our moments, while we compare with what others are doing in the now.

By living in the moment and savoring that time, we are creating those treasured moments and doing what matters most.  We are putting value into our time.  We are living in the moment and appreciating every bit of it, without comparison.  We are focused on the now in our lives.  Not questioning our role or our path.  Just living for what matters most.  Those treasured moments.

I have learned the simple art of LIVING IN THE MOMENT AND RECORDING THE MOMENT IN MY HEART’S BANK FOREVER!  My heart would ride on the rhythm of the now.  So, let’s focus on the now.  Let’s focus on living in the moment and recording those treasures in our heart’s bank forever!

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