Red, White & BOOM

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As we celebrate this day of Independence of our great nation, with a spectacular display of fireworks cascading across the sky, it brings us a sense of great freedom.  But I can’t help but think about our dependence as well.  Our dependence of the scripture to help us carry life’s task out with great care and concern for others.  Our dependence on our Savior and the precious sacrifice he made for us.  A sacrifice that bought us freedom from the bondage of our sin and suffering.

We live in a world where so many speak of rights and privileges, checks and balances, the who’s who and the not so new, and the many ways to climb to the top.  Perhaps what we should be reflecting on are things that really matter such as character, integrity, harmony, servanthood, and love.  To stand out, having a true heart to do what is right at all cost and not conform to what the world tells us we should do.  Our focus should be on honoring that very dependence we have of our mighty Savior.  Let us not compromise integrity for a paycheck or pass up someone because we judged before we listened.  Let our actions and our character speak for Christ.

Having the fruit of the spirit may be a daily struggle for some.  We are, at times, pulled toward our most dominant thought and how many times are these thoughts selfish rather than selfless.  Over the years I have come to learn that we simply can NOT change others, but we CAN adjust our attitude and how we respond verses how we react.  Let’s be honest here, it can be exhausting at times.  In a way this statement bares truth to it.  But when we, in reality, live our lives vertically, such efforts are not an effort at all.  If anything, it comes with an ease.  A peace and a deep understanding that what we do should not be dependent on how others treat us, but rather how we want to be treated.  And above all else, how we are commanded to respond through God’s word…with LOVE. 

My dearest friend, let us live a life independent of the need of the approval of others, and let’s live a life totally dependent on a vertical relationship with Jesus Christ.  Stand out like a firework that shoots high across the sky, lighting it up with a BOOM that gets all the oohs and awes.  Stand out with character that exhibits the blood shed from Christ (Red), to the cleansing of our spirit (White), with an attitude towards others that displays His light within you (BOOM).

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