Parting The Waters

When God parted the Red Sea, most of the people were in a state of panic. They looked in front of them, and there was the sea. They looked behind them, and there was the Egyptian army. They looked to the right and to the left, and there they found more Egyptian soldiers covering their escape routes. So they began to cry out and to blame Moses for their plight.

But Moses refused to panic. He just gave the problem to God, and God found a solution to the problem. And believe me! Even though there were probably more than 2 million Jews there that day and thousands of Egyptian soldiers, not one person anticipated what God was about to do. Nobody except Moses expected the waters to part.

How can you possibly know that God is able to part water until you have a problem in your life? Until you have a problem, you can never know his power, his love, or his level of commitment to you. So stop cursing your problems, and stop wilting in the presence of difficulties. Instead, accept life’s challenges as a natural consequence of living in an imperfect world. Give them to the Lord. Ask him to take care of those parts of the problem you cannot resolve, and ask him to help you take care of the parts that you can resolve. Also ask him to help you soak up all the benefits that the trial was devised to bring to your life when he approved it.