If all you have known throughout your lifetime is negativity and defeat, your mind may need to be reconditioned to see things in a whole new way. But God specializes in renewing the mind. He is busy, not modifying the thinking of his people, not adjusting it, and not improving it or restoring it. He is busy “renewing” the mind of the person who would be his disciple (see Romans 12:2). He wants to completely tear down what the world and society have instilled in the minds of his children, and he wants to redeem the thinking of those who have turned their lives over to him. God also wants to renew the believer’s attitude: his attitude toward God, his attitude toward himself, and his attitude toward others and toward life itself.

I grew up in an environment that completely warped my thinking. For most of my life, my starting point for every experience was a negative one. My default position was one of defeat, blame, and victimization. But when I got serious about serving the Lord, I decided to change. I decided to do something about myself. And the more I thought about it, the more excited I became about the potential transformation of my thinking, because I quickly came to realize that my thinking controlled my attitude and my attitude controlled my destiny. So allow God to do spiritual surgery on your mind, because that corrective “surgery” will surely correct everything in your life that needs his divine touch.