The mind is a powerful tool, and it can hold an incredible amount of data. But without wisdom, we are empty as human beings even though our heads are full. We are vessels wandering aimlessly in search of our potential and our destiny. We are lost without moorings. We are tossed by the ever-shifting winds of popular opinion and the ever-changing waves of circumstance. We have no foundation upon which to stand as we attempt to build our lives. We have no ground beneath our feet.

Wisdom, however, is a combination of discernment, judgment, and tact. It arms its possessor with the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and bad, and between that which imparts “life” and that which imparts “death.” It equips its owner with the ability to make right judgments with the facts at hand rather than judgments based on unfounded ideals or ungrounded fantasies. And it endows its owner with the ability to sense the time and the manner in which to employ its power. When God’s mind is imparted to us through wisdom, we will have great success in all that we do.

Most turmoil in life flows from folly, and folly flows from a lack of wisdom. To avoid folly, therefore, and to avoid the unrest that accompanies it, seek wisdom. Pursue wisdom and make it your goal in life. Like many of the wonderful gifts of God, this gift awaits those who value it and who follow hard after it.