When some people look at their lives, they see only problems. When others look at their lives, they see abundant opportunities. While some see only obstacles and impediments on their daily schedules, others see wonderful experiences and the joy of interacting with people. While some see endless repetition and a meaningless existence, others see a chance to smell the roses and to enjoy the wonders of God’s world. Both groups are seeing the same sights and hearing the same sounds. But while one group concludes that life is a bother, the other concludes that life is a reward. And the only thing that distinguishes these two groups are their perspectives, their differing attitudes toward the lives they are living.

If you are submitted to the Holy Spirit, then you have the capacity to control your attitude. In fact, if you look at the full description of the Spirit-led life as it is defined by the apostle Paul in Galatians 5:22-23, the final, undergirding expression of Spirit-directed living is “self-control.” And the self-controlled, Spirit-led life manifests itself in several obvious ways. It manifests itself through love, not hatred; through joy, not sadness; through peace, not internal strife; through patience, not impatience; through kindness, not cruelty; through goodness, not folly; through faithfulness, not unfaithfulness; through gentleness, not harshness. So learn to submit to the Holy Spirit. His constant tug upon our hearts is designed to take us in a direction that is far removed from life with a bad attitude.