The oft quoted thirty-first chapter of Proverbs, which describes the virtuous woman, tells us that this model of feminine strength “speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue” (Proverbs 31:26). The classic woman of God, therefore, is wise. She speaks with intelligence and cleverness. She is cultured in mind and social graces. She is strong in spirit and in heart. She is not one given to profuse speech, but when she does speak, her words serve a noble purpose. They communicate life, and they impart “instruction.”

Foolishness is often exhibited through excessive chatter that really carries no weight while wisdom is expressed through a timely sentence expertly uttered. Foolishness is often exhibited through too many words that are designed to showcase the knowledge of the one who displays it while wisdom simply applies knowledge to the situation without attempting to stroke the ego of its possessor. Foolishness creates confusion, but wisdom solves a lingering problem or puts to rest a nagging sense of uncertainty. Foolishness is obvious, but wisdom is discreet.

The things you know help you grow and they benefit those around you. The knowledge you possess shapes you and makes you the person you are and they impact others positively. Obviously, you can never rise above the level of wisdom you have achieved. Neither can you act upon information you do not possess. But wisdom is the ability to command the knowledge you do possess. It is the quality of utilizing the information you have at your disposal.