Victory Is Yours

Rushing through the endless chain of responsibilities and problems that each day presents can drain a woman’s energy, increase her stress levels, and make her feel depleted of the mental and emotional nourishment she was created to possess. Then when the unexpected crisis is added to the mix, she can actually be pushed over the edge. She can crack under the pressure, saying things and doing things that are inconsistent with her character or detrimental to her relationships, her finances, and her personal well-being.

All of us have been there. At one time or another, we all have experienced what it is like to crack beneath the weight of life’s endless responsibilities and countless demands. But with God’s help, I have learned to relax, unwind, and soak up the potential for growth that life’s trials can offer. I have learned to lift my own spirit to the place of internal peace that King David described in the twenty-third psalm when he wrote about God’s ability to lead him beside the still waters and restore his famished soul.

You, too, were created to be full of power, purpose, and potential. You, too, were created to be victorious and strong in your soul. You were created to meet the demands of life in a triumphant manner and to prevail over them instead of allowing them to prevail over you. But the choice is yours. It’s not a matter of your circumstances; it’s a matter of what you choose to do with them. It’s a matter of attitude.