Good News!

Good news is something people want to share. When a girl finds a great new store that sells designer shoes at half price, she wants to tell her friends. And when a guy finds an investment that is earning him lots of money, he wants to tell his buddies. So I have some good news to share. After many years of suffering through life’s difficulties and after crying buckets of unnecessary tears, I have finally discovered how to live my life in a way that can keep me in positive territory and keep my confidence levels high, no matter what might be happening around me or to me. Because of the amazing truths in God’s Word that I have discovered and applied, I now walk in a new assurance that, with the Lord, all things are indeed possible and all things will work to my benefit.

I won’t lie to you or stick my head in the sand like an ostrich, pretending that bad things don’t happen. In a world that can kick you hard and leave you wounded on the side of the road, it’s difficult at times to keep your hopes high and your spirit elevated. But there are churches and friends that can help you finish the race. And more importantly, there are spiritual resources available to you that can help you lift your own spirit and motivate your own soul when nobody else is there. My desire is to help point you to those resources.