A New Perspective

 If your joy has been depleted by life, I want to encourage you: Don’t give up, because God can lift your spirit in the same way he has lifted mine. No matter how “low” you might feel and no matter what may be weighing on you right now, you can  learn the unchanging principles of God’s Word that can enable you to soar above it all and to walk in victory and happiness.

So if you are feeling alone, discouraged, lost, without guidance, and without creativity… take heart. God’s Word has the answers you need. And my prayer for you is that a newfound freedom will come your way, that the joy you have lost will be restored, and that your body, soul, and spirit will be lifted to new heights.

There lies within each of us a God-given desire to survive the wounds we receive in life. There lies within each of us a need to overcome, to win, and to triumph over our challenges and our foes.  But when we come to believe that our wounds will not heal, that our sorrows will not cease, that our challenges cannot be managed, or that our enemies cannot be defeated, the will to fight can slowly evaporate and the heart can begin to lose its strength.

So take hold of the truth today that you can prevail over your challenges and learn to handle life in a victorious way. It’s not that hard, but it is definitely life changing. It simply involves a new perspective.