Christine is known for her uncompromising style; she is powerful, edgy, and relevant, yet tender and filled with grace as she speaks to men and women around the globe. She is an author and gifted speaker who entertains, enlightens and encourages her audiences. Her continued desire for personal growth has led to simply this: if you work on yourself and make yourself a better person, you have made a change in the world.  Christine is passionate about empowering people to live a life of influence and purpose and has a tremendous desire for people to embrace their God given talent and to meet life each day with joy and freedom.

Christine enthusiastically promotes the authentic mom life and firmly believes that our dreams don’t just die when children are born, instead they are enhanced. She personally balances home-schooling, traveling, speaking and writing new material, as well as donating her resources and time to charitable organizations worldwide.

She is the vice president of Dave Martin International, a non-profit corporation committed to helping others achieve success in life. Christine is also the best-selling author of Recharged and Good Morning Your Highness, and she has encouraged and benefited many people through her audio and video resources.

Christine and her family reside in sunny Florida.  When not traveling, she enjoys the outdoors, hot cocoa anytime of the year, and as much play time with her son as possible! 

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